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COVID-19 Is Creating New Needs In Our Community
Nonprofits are facing enormous financial pressure in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. From medical and public health needs related to the response to economic uncertainty impacting vulnerable populations, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating unmet needs above and beyond the usual. The nonprofits working directly to meet those needs require more resources to do so.
How Are Our Nonprofits Responding To The Coronavirus?
Our non-profits are on the front lines, delivering food boxes to people who cannot leave their homes, preparing emergency child-care options for essential workers, and taking care of our community’s most vulnerable populations.
How You Can Help
Your generosity helps people get food, shelter, vital support and accurate information. Donate today and make a difference.
How Do I Donate?
You can donate directly to a nonprofit or through Tillamook United Way and we will get your funds to the nonprofits who need them. Many of our small nonprofits do not collect donations online or through their websites. This is where United Way can help. Donate online through Tillamook United Way to support local nonprofits.

Update on United Way/YMCA Partnership

The YMCA recognizes the need other non-profits in our community will have this year, especially with the shift in the economic climate.  For this reason, the Y will opt out of our share of the non-designated funds so that other non-profits can benefit in this time of need.  ~ Kaylan Sisco, CEO 

Media Release - Dissolution Notice

Media Release - Tillamook County United Way Allocation Awards

Media Release - United Way Forms Partnership with YMCA

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Live United in Tillamook County!

We live in such an amazing community! When needs are identified, generous and compassionate friends and neighbors, like you, come together to meet those needs.  Each day you reach into your heart and into your resources to improve the lives of our neighbors in Tillamook County.

Tillamook County United Way invites you to be a vital part of our mission to care for kids, strengthen families, assist people in crisis, encourage self-sufficiency and promote health and wellness all around this amazing County.  Every donation counts, and through our member agencies it's remarkable all the good work that your donation can support.  Some examples of how a gift to Tillamook County United Way can help improve lives in Tillamook County this year include:

· $25 assists an elderly person with a month of in-home visits

· $52 provides a food box that can feed a family for a week

· $75 gives a single mom and her child a night of safe shelter

· $125 pays for the training materials for a volunteer who will support children in foster care

· $130 supports a month of preschool education to help a child arrive at kindergarten ready to learn.

Are you ready to help Tillamook County United Way improve lives in Tillamook County?  Please make a donation or volunteer.  You'll be glad you did!